About Us

Garage Door Guy specializes in garage door repair, service, maintenance, and installation.  We take pride in our honesty, integrity, customer service, loyalty, and a strong desire to give back to the community we live in. Headquartered in Strafford, MO, our goal is to be the last call you’ll ever need to make regarding the care and upkeep for your garage door and garage door opener.

Our Past

Derek Lyons, the owner and operator of Garage Door Guy, began his career as a garage door technician in 2009. Newly married to his wife Regina, Derek accepted an unpaid youth ministry position at a small church in Arizona, and needed a means of support for his new family.

Derek quickly mastered the skills and fell in love with the trade. The idea for Garage Door Guy came to him during his time with this small family-run operation, but the timing was just not right. After five years of on-the-job experience, God brought Derek and Regina to Springfield, MO and he quickly found another garage door technician job.

Almost one year later, in 2015, Derek would finally see his dreams become a reality.  With the full support of his loving wife and friends he’d met along the way, Garage Door Guy was finally born.

Garage Door Guy - Old Route 66 Building

Our Future

After five years of steady growth, we purchased and renovated a filling station located on the historical Route 66 in Strafford. Newly refurbished, inside and out, our facility is complete with offices, an employee breakroom, and a brand new showroom.

Now, just six years after opening our doors for business, Garage Door Guy is the fastest-growing garage door company in the Springfield area, with over 5 employees, a 3,000 square foot warehouse, and 3 technicians. In 2020, Garage Door Guy expects to surpass one million dollars in revenue, all due  to our focus on customer service and creating a great culture for employees to thrive in.

We look forward to helping you with anything and everything regarding garage doors, and being a part of your future as well.

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