Garage door installation: Why to use a professional

A garage door technician performing garage door installation

Hiring a professional for your garage door installation offers many benefits. Your local garage door techs at Garage Door Guy have years of expertise, safety training, can do the job faster, and we offer a warranty on our work. Going with a professional for your garage door installation is a worthwhile investment that ensures your garage doors will function properly for a long time.

Professional garage door installation

Our professional garage door installers are thoroughly trained in the processes of installing new garage doors. They know the systems inside and out, how to install them safely and efficiently. Garage doors are extremely heavy and the torsion spring that acts as a counterweight to the garage door is under extremely high tension during its operation. If the spring is installed improperly, there’s a significant risk of injuring yourself during installation or future operation of the door.

All of our technicians also make sure your door is compliant with housing code UL-325. This code states all openers manufactured after 1993 have the safety reverse sensors and are mounted within 3-6 inches of the floor. This code ensures garage doors don’t crush people and animals as it closes.

Another overlooked benefit is warranty coverage by using a professional for your garage door installation. Many garage door companies have limited lifetime warranties on their products but these warranties often require professional installation for them to remain valid. By hiring Garage Door Guy, you have the peace of mind knowing your new garage door is eligible for warranty coverage. Further, we guarantee our work. So, while you would be at-fault for incorrectly installing your garage door and ineligible to replace it through your warranty, if we make a mistake the door is covered by our warranty.

How to prepare for professional garage door installation

For the most part, you just sit back as we install your new garage door!

However, there are things you can do before we get there to make the process smoother. Before your garage door technician arrives:

  • Remove all vehicles and other large vehicles from the garage
  • Clear the work area by the garage door
  • Make sure children and pets stay away from the garage during the installation process.

What types of garage doors do you install?

Garage Door Guy installs both residential and commercial garage doors. We have some truly beautiful steel garage doors from the most trusted brands. You can customize your garage door to match your home and boost your curb appeal. We offer garage doors that are long-lasting, reliable, and constructed with the highest-quality materials.

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