If You Experience Any Of These Common Garage Door Issues, Call Garage Door Guy!

Many different garage door issues can cause your doors to work improperly, so it is extremely important to gain an full understanding of what is wrong before the repair begins. Our technicians are fully trained to recognize and repair almost any issue, and we have seen about everything under the sun. The following are some of the most common problems you may see with your door or opener.

Cracked or Sagging Garage Doors

A typical person will operate their garage door 6-8 times a day. After years of use, the steel may begin to weaken, and a stress crack may appear in one of the sections. Generally as the crack grows, the section will begin to sag when the door is in the open position. Unfortunately there is no way of repairing the crack, but we can install a reinforcement strut to keep the section from sagging. This is considered a temporary repair and the section or door should be replaced soon. If the section is still being manufactured, then it can be replaced. If not, we will recommend a high quality replacement part.

Non-Working Remotes or Wireless Keypads

After years of use it is common for a remote or wireless keypad to stop functioning. This repair could be as simple as replacing the battery or re-syncing the remote to the opener, or it could be more involved and include a new remote or new logic board. When replacing remotes or keypads, Garage Door Guy recommends and uses Liftmaster high quality products and accessories.

Broken Garage Door Spring

This is probably 50% of what we do on a weekly basis. Garage door springs are made out of steel, and a typical spring will last about 15,000 cycles, or the number of times a door opens or closes. Once these springs break, there is no way of repairing them, and they must be replaced. Replacing a garage door spring is not only dangerous but requires special tools, so it is considered a very dangerous repair that should only be done by a professional. Garage Door Guy uses high-quality extended life torsion springs made in the U.S.A.

Gear Replacement

Many garage door openers made today are driven by a nylon gear. Over years of use, this nylon gear will begin to wear down and eventually shred, and will need to be replaced. Generally these gears come in a kit that will also replace some other commonly worn out components such as bushings. Garage Door Guy uses OEM replacement parts unique to your opener brand.

High Noise Level

Some calls we receive will cite noise level as the most annoying garage door issue. This does not always mean something needs to be replaced. There are over 30 moving parts on a garage door that require consistent lubrication over the years, so generally these parts are just in need of lubrication. Garage Door Guy uses high quality non-drip silicone garage door lubricant and high-temp white lithium grease when lubricating garage doors.

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