Garage door panel replacement – When to repair or replace

Workers performing garage door panel replacement for a customer

If you have some damaged garage door panels and you’re wondering if garage door panel replacement is best or if a whole new door is needed, you’ve come to the right place!

Garage Door Guy in Strafford, MO is the highest rated and reviewed garage door repair and installation professionals serving the Strafford and Springfield, MO area. We take great pride in honesty, integrity, and customer service. So, we will always provide you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision in your position.

So, here’s how we assess when garage door panel replacement is an option and when you need to replace your garage door.

When garage door panel replacement is possible 

When one of our team members arrive on the scene of a damaged garage door, they collect the following info:

  • How badly damaged the garage door is
  • How old the door is
  • How many panels would need replaced

If there are just a few panels that have been dented and your door is less than 20 years old, it may be cost-effective for you to replace the damaged garage door panels.

If the garage door panels can be repaired, it typically costs between $100 to $200 depending on the brand and type of panel. If the panel needs replaced with a new one, they can be $200 to $700.

When it’s best to buy a new garage door 

Yes, as long as your garage door panels are the only thing damaged, you can have one of our professionals perform garage door panel replacement. However, if one of the braces, springs, or other opening/closing mechanisms have been damaged, it is safer to replace the whole door.

Further, as you can see by the pricing above, if many panels are damaged it could cost nearly as much as a new door. At that rate, you may decide you might as well get a brand new garage door.

Finally, if the door is over 20 years old, it’s nearing the end of its life anyway. At some point in the near future it will break down for good. And, honestly, it could break down while it’s in use — posing a safety risk for everyone in the household.

Can I do garage door panel replacement myself? 

Garage Door Guy and just about every garage door professional recommends against replacing your garage door panels yourself. Garage door panels are under a lot of tension by a spring and you can severely injure yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How to replace garage door panels yourself 

If you want to try it yourself, you’ll need a ladder, an adjustable wrench, safety glasses, two C-clamps, hard hat, gloves, and a marker.

Start by unplugging the automatic garage door opener if you have one. Then, open the garage door manually and get ready to remove the springs.

You’ll have to relieve spring tension before you can start working on your garage door. Leaving the door open is the best way to begin the job. Start by clamping the door using the C-clamps on each door track under the bottom rollers to keep it open.

Then, hop on the ladder to get to the cable that holds the garage door open. Now that there’s no tension on the spring, you can easily remove the spring hook from the track. If your door was opening and closing properly before the damage, mark on the track where the springs were hooked to keep the same tension when you’re done replacing your damaged garage door panels.

Garage panels are usually attached to one another and have rollers on the ends that run in the track. You’ll have to remove panels one by one until you reach the one that needs replaced. Use the marker to keep track of the order they came out because you need to put them back in the same order.

Garage door panels can be screwed on or bolted on — in which case, you’ll need a ratchet and socket. When you’ve loosened the panel, lift it up until it comes off the track. Then, slide the rollers into the track and lower the panel down slowly until it’s touching the panel below it and attach it.

Now, reattach all the panels and put the springs back all the while making sure everything is tightly secured.

Finally, plug the garage door opener back in and make sure everything works smoothly!

Garage Door Guy is your local garage door panel replacement expert 

The team at Garage Door Guy love what we do and are the last call you will have to make to get your garage door operating correctly. We even offer a membership plan that provides discounts, priority scheduling, and routine service that prolongs your garage door’s life and helps prevent surprise breakdowns.

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