My Garage Door Won’t Open. Now What?

Garage Door Guy Talks About Various Garage Door Problems & Their Solutions

Have you ever walked out into your garage, hit the button to open the garage door, and nothing happens?

If you have, you join the many people that call us every week.

We would like to give you some tips to help you self-diagnose your problem and may also help you open your door.

  1. Check the springs. The springs will be the “coils” that are mounted above or on the side of your garage door. If you see a separation in one of these coils, you have a broken spring and you will not be able to open the door by yourself, and will need to call a professional to replace it. If you have two springs we recommend replacing both at the same time. Your cost could be anywhere between $250-$400.
  2. Pull the emergency release cord, if you need to get the garage door open. Locate the red rope hanging from the garage door/operator arm and pull it. You should now be able to open your garage door as long as the spring(s) are not broken.
  3. The next thing to check: what happens when you push the garage door button? Do you hear a hum but nothing moves? If so, you probably have a stripped gear or broken bushing. If you hear a click but nothing happens, it could be a bad control board or a blown capacitor. Your cost could be anywhere between $100-$190. If you hear a grinding noise, it could be a stripped carriage on a screw drive opener.
  4. If you do not hear a hum, click, or anything, make sure you have power to the opener’s outlet!
  5. Last but not least, whatever the problem, call Garage Door Guy at (417) 413-3813.

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