Where Is That Garage Door Noise Coming From?

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Garage Door Guy - Where Is That Garage Door Noise Coming From?

Where is the garage door noise coming from?!?

Have you ever wondered where all the squeaking and popping noise is coming from on your garage door? If so, you join hundreds of thousands of consumers in the United States.

Home owners today typically do not have their garage door serviced until something is broken. This, unfortunately, can lead to costly garage door repair. But it can also lead to lots of noise!

Most noise from a garage door typically comes from the hinges. The hinges are the metal parts that are between each section and allow the sections to pivot or hinge. If the hinges need lubricating, you will hear a groaning or squeaking.

If you are hearing a popping noise, this could be a  few things. First, if the sections are not lining up properly when opening or closing, this will result in a popping noise as the sections “pop” into place. This happens when a section has been bent or damaged in some way.

No one likes a noisy garage door, so if your door squeaks more than a barrelfull of mice, or pops more than microwave popcorn, call Garage Door Guy!

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