When Do You Need to Replace Your Garage Door?

Garage Door Guy Talks About Various Garage Door Problems & Their Solutions

Does your garage door show a crack here and a warp there? Well, you might think that these are just some minor creaks but it could be that your garage is calling for a newly replaced door. Learn the telltale signs of garage door replacement.

Broken edges in wooden doors
If your garage door is wooden and it shows severely broken edges through consistent warping over time, you should consider a complete garage door replacement.

Shaking & inconsistent movement
You should know that when garage doors start to shake as you close or open them, it is a signal that it is time for a replacement door. Besides, if the door shows inconsistency in movement every time you operate it, the best thing is to have it replaced.

Increasing utility bill
This is an important symptom that says your garage door should be replaced at the earliest availability. Sometimes, insufficient door insulation forces the HVAC unit to work harder, which spikes up the utility bill even when your usage otherwise stays the same.

Damaged cables and springs
The primary reason to have a new garage door installed is the safety of you and your vehicle. As cables and springs control the movement of the door, any problem with these will affect the operation. So, if you find damaged cables or springs, please call a professional to schedule a complete door inspection.

Be sure to hire a reliable, BBB A+ rated garage door company, such as Garage Door Guy, to repair/replace your doors. This is an investment in your home, after all, which should last for years to come.

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