5 garage door maintenance procedures to do every spring

A man performs garage door maintenance and cleaning to his garage door

When spring cleaning time rolls around, there are some garage door maintenance items that should be on your to-do list. Taking the time to inspect your garage door a couple of times per year and giving it a little TLC will ensure smooth operation for years and could prevent costly garage door repairs.

If you’re putting it off for the fear that you may find something that does require professional repairs just remember: it’s better to find it now before it completely breaks down leaving you stuck in or out of the garage. Or, worse, it could break down during operation and hurt someone.

So, here are the 5 garage door maintenance procedures you should do every spring.

Garage door maintenance steps

  1. Perform an all-over visual inspection: Close your garage door and stand inside of your garage. Look for signs of damage to your garage door springs. You’ll also want to take a close look at your cables and rollers. The cables should not show any fraying. And you shouldn’t be able to move the rollers back and forth with your finger. Look for rust and warping. Check for water damage around the trim and bottom of the door.
  2. Check garage door seals for damage: If there’s any cracking or a brittle feel to your garage door seals, it’s probably time to replace them. Other signs of a seal that’s at the end of its life are water stains on the floor inside of your garage door or you’ve noticed an increase of pests in your garage.
  3. Clean the door: You can rinse your door off with a hose and wipe it down using a sponge with simple dish detergent. If that’s not working on tougher stains, an all-natural solution like pure vinegar usually works. If you’ve got windows, you can use a small hand squeegee with the same solutions to clean them. If you’re a stickler for streak-free windows either a microfiber cloth or newspaper works.
  4. Clear the track of debris: Following fall and winter, there can be a lot of debris like leaves and road salt built up in the garage door tracks. All you need is a rag and soapy water to wipe out the tracks. You can simply hand-remove larger debris. Once you’re done, thoroughly dry the track.
  5. Lubricate the moving parts: After cleaning the door, let it dry for just a bit. Then you can use a silicone spray or white lithium grease on the hinges, rollers, and springs. Wipe away any excess to keep it from dripping on anything during use. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP. Lubricating your garage door is important for both day-to-day use and it prolongs its life.

If you take the time to do a little garage door maintenance from time to time, your door will continue working for you too. If you would rather a professional take care of this task so you don’t add another thing to your already full to-do list, consider our Garage Door Guy Membership Plan. You’ll get professional service on all garage doors on a single structure, discounts on service and parts, and priority scheduling!

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