Garage Door Remote Not Working?

Garage Door Guy Talks About Various Garage Door Problems & Their Solutions

Most everyone has experienced the panic when you pull into your driveway, hit the garage door remote and nothing happens. What makes things worse is that most people do not carry keys to their house any more. When it comes to garage door repair, this is very common, but we will walk you through some steps to diagnose and possibly repair a non-working remote issue.

Your first step will be to replace the battery. Most remote batteries are easily accessible through a back “door” on the remote, but some remotes, like the ones manufactured by Chamberlain Liftmaster, will need to be pried open. Once the battery is replaced, test the remote. Does it work? If not, let’s proceed to the next step.

The next step will be re-programming the remote. To do this, you will look for the “learn” button on the opener, which is generally found on the back of the motor head. Simply press this learn button and then press and hold the remote button. On Genie or Overhead Door openers you will need to press and hold the remote button 3 times after pressing the learn button. If the remote still is not working, proceed to the next step.

Most openers will have an indicator light near the learn button. When you press the remote, is this flashing? If it is flashing but it will not “learn” the remote correctly, then you probably have a bad receiver. If the indicator light is not blinking, it could possibly be a bad remote or possibly a bad receiver.

If all your remotes and your wireless keypad have stopped working, it is almost surely the receiver. For replacement parts, and peace of mind, call the garage door remote fixers — Garage Door Guy!

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