What Type of Garage Door Is Right for Me?

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When looking to replace a garage door, there are many things to consider: how long do you want it to last, how much maintenance willing it need, how quiet, how insulated, and so on.

Garage doors are made from a few different main materials: steel, wood and aluminum. Steel is going to offer the lowest cost and most durability and lowest maintenance, while wood is going to come at a higher price tag and require a bit more maintenance. Aluminum will come at the highest price tag but durability will be the best. Steel doors come in a variety of thicknesses but the most common in relation to garage doors is 24-26 gauge.

  • A standard 25-gauge steel door will come uninsulated and you can expect a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Typically these doors will be more on the noisy side; they are referred to as contractor doors.
  • An insulated 24-26 gauge steel door will have vinyl-backed insulation and typically the r-value will be anywhere from 6-8. These doors, because of the insulation, tend to be a little more quiet and durable, but the life expectancy is around 12-17 years.
  • The last common steel door used is referred to as a steel-back, and this door is comprised of two 26-gauge layers of steel with a layer of insulation sandwiched in between. The r-value on these doors is typically between 8-12. These doors offer the highest in durability of steel doors and will typically last 17-25 years. The noise levels on these doors will typically be extremely low, as well as the cost of maintenance.

Wood doors offer the most in attractiveness, but unfortunately the cost of maintenance and cost of the door alone are often very high. Generally, wood doors will need to be repainted or sealed after 5 years, and they will also need constant maintenance on the hardware, as the bolts tend to loosen on wooden doors quickly.

Aluminum doors are relatively new to the market and are the most expensive, but the maintenance is extremely low and the durability is the highest. Typically these doors are on custom homes and are often seen on movies and TV shows. You may also know these doors as “full vision” doors.

If you’re still unsure, call Garage Door Guy to discuss your options, or come visit our full showroom!

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