Protect your garage door opener from power surges and storms

A garage door opener that is fully protected with a surge protector

While there is some protection built into your garage door opener motor, it’s a good idea to add some additional protection against lightning strikes and power surges. By utilizing a surge protector, you’ll protect your entire garage door opener system including the power line, garage door opener motor, door control panel, and safety reversing sensors.

Garage Door Guy is always looking to provide the best for our customers from our customer support all the way down to the value we provide when we are installing your new system.

As such, we are now offering a FREE surge protector with every new garage door motor installation. If you’re needing a new garage door motor and would like to take advantage of this offer, give us a call at 417-413-3813 or you can submit this form for a free quote.

How to know if you need a new garage door opener motor

There are a few common signs you need a new garage door opener:

  • Unusual sounds during operation
  • Garage door has difficulties while opening
  • Garage door opens sometimes, doesn’t others

A garage door opener motor that’s going out may make grinding, screeching, or other odd noises. It may also get stuck somewhere along the tracks, move more slowly than usual, lift unevenly, or shake while opening.

If you notice any of these signs, you likely need a new garage door opener motor.

Benefits of an upgraded garage door opener motor

If you have a really old garage door opener, you may not have some of the features new ones have! New garage door openers are able to connect to the internet giving you the ability to control your garage door at anytime. For example, LiftMaster has a myQ Smart Home App in which you can receive activity alerts, set recurring schedules to close your garage door and turn the lights off.

There have also been updates to security such as rolling code technology to keep burglars from hacking into the system and getting the communication code to get your door open. There’s also been other updates like vacation modes and guest codes.

If you’ve somehow got your pre-1993 garage door opener to last you this long, first of all, good for you! You’ve got some great life out of it. However, beginning in 1993, it became mandatory for garage door operators to have photo eye sensors, edge sensors, or equivalent devices to make them safer for your family. You may recognize these safety precautions as auto reverse sensors.

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