Troubleshooting a garage door keypad that isn’t working

A person pressing buttons on their garage door keypad

We understand that when your garage door keypad isn’t working correctly, it’s important to you to get it repaired quickly. To help you fix it on your own or narrow down the exact issue, here’s a list of common garage door keypad issues with steps to diagnose them.

Of course, if you’d feel better letting an expert take care of it, you can contact us!

Replace garage door keypad battery

This may seem too simple, but you’d be surprised how many times this is the issue. Even if you just replaced the battery, try this. Sometimes the new battery is bad. Most garage door keypads use either a 9-volt or 12-volt battery which can usually be found anywhere batteries are sold.

If you change the battery and it still doesn’t work, try reprogramming your keypad. You might even need to clear the memory and reset the pin.

Look for damaged wiring

Frayed wiring is another frequent issue with garage door keypads. If it’s just a few specific keys on your keypad not working, this is almost certainly the root cause.

Open up the keypad and look for frayed wiring or loose connections between the wires and keys. Detach and reattach them one by one. No need to worry about electrocuting yourself as these wires have low voltage.

Clean your garage door keypad

This might seem really simple and unlikely to be the issue but you’d be surprised.

First, wipe off the outside of the keypad with some electrical appliance cleaner making sure to get between the keys.

Then, if possible, remove the keypad completely and clean everything well. You can take some pictures with your phone beforehand if you’re worried about getting the keys back in the right place.

Resetting your PIN

If you haven’t tried this along with any of the above steps, it’s worth a try.

If you can’t open the garage door from the outside but you can use the code to close it from the inside, that’s a possible indicator that your password has expired. If you still have your manual, there should be an unlock code inside. If you don’t have your manual handy, check your garage door manufacturer’s website.

Here’s a short, helpful YouTube video that may work for you.

Rebooting your garage door keypad

If none of these steps have solved the issue yet, you can reboot the system. Simply turn off your garage door opener and unplug it for five minutes. This allows all of the power to cycle through and erase all data in the memory. Reprogram it like you did before and see if that solved the issue.

None of these steps have worked. Now what?

Don’t panic! You aren’t locked out of your garage. Here’s how to manually open your garage door. Just be careful if it feels heavy to you.

If none of the above steps have fixed your garage door keypad, you need to give us a call at 417-413-3813 or you can click the “Book Online” button on any of the pages here on our site. We will do our best to get to you ASAP, fully explain what has happened, and get your keypad working again.

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